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In my previous card, I write about the the U.S. embassy reopening in Cuba. It has finally raised its flag and reopened its doors after 54 years. Secretary of State, John Kerry made the visit to the island to raise the U.S. flag.
There seems to be a mix of reactions to this in the Cuban community.

What I want to know is how my Cuban and non-Cubans feel about this historical event?

I'm not a Cuban, but I think that this is a great thing that is happening.
I think trade, cultural exchange and open channels of communication are great everywhere!
You're welcome @alywoah. Yeah it's been my experience that the older generation and those that really have not experience what is like to live in such conditions, are the ones against such progress.
I am a Cuban and I'm loving it. it's about time!
@IngridL thanks for your input! I've seen that a lot of my Cuban friends are happy about this. But I noticed some don't favor it it, or are skeptical.