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Is this good for the children? Sesame Street is now on HBO

Yesterday, the wonderful @LauraFisher wrote a card about the Television Critics Association Press Tour and the announcement of some pretty big TV news. There was some pretty awesome TV info, but one of them really caught my eye:

Sesame Street is coming to HBO.

Here’s the full deal: The group will produce 35 new “Sesame Street” episodes a yea. It will also create a spinoff series based on the “Sesame Street” Muppets along with another new educational series for children. After nine months of appearing only on HBO, the shows will be available free on PBS.
This caught my eye for obvious reasons (Game of Throne and Girls jokes galore!) but also I thought: What about the kids? What will this mean for PBS and the show as a whole?
Lots of criticism has come out of these deal, and a lot of shared opinions. Here are the sides I’m hearing the most:

Opinion #1: Is the show really putting kids first?

Sesame Street was a show original to PBS, with the mission that it should be available to all children, regardless of class. It’s an educational show, so it should be available to those less privledged. With HBO, Sesame Street is only targeting rich and upperclass children in the market. This was never their mission, and Sesame Street will never be the same.

Opinion #2: Get the money and get out.

All of PBS (including Sesame Street) is going through a major change. These stations relying off donations, and people tuning in at home on their TV sets. They thrive off the funds and handwork of volunteers who believe in their mission. However, sometimes this has it’s downfalls. That meaning that it is sometimes hard for them to make funds. Sesame Street should take advantage of this money-baring opportunity. Get the money, and get out to the public again.

Opinion #3: “Capitalize" on these opportunities.

PBS and Sesame Street MUST grow and change with the market. There is not enough so sustain this kid’s show so they should hop on the HBO opportunity and as many opportunities as possible! This is the first step for the show to grow and change with the changing television economy.
What do you think? Is this good for our beloved Bert and Ernie? Is Sesame Street going in the right direction, or is Sesame Street changing their core values in favor of another value? (cough, cough money)
Whether you are with these opinions or totally different ones it’s important to recognize that the TV industry is changing and shifting and even the classic shows we grew up with are working to adapt.
Even Sesame Street.
@shannonl5 I'm thinking that's a selling point, the kids have something to watch and HBO gets more viewers
@buddyesd oooh yeah! So like if you have a long commute to get to school or something your kids will have something to keep them occupied. That's very important
@shannonl5 plus HBO has been advertising a lot lately about watching anywhere
I sort’ve feel the exact same way @buddyesd, a little uneasy but I definitely understand the reasoning behind the shift. And agreed @allischaaff I think like most changing industiries its important to try new things and see how it improves. I also hope they keep their integrity @shannonl5, but I think since they have been running for so long (and have a clear brand) it will remain ok!
I'm not sure where I stand on this issue, they need money to keep the lights on to be sure but I never really associated HBO with education. like @shannonl5 said kids don't really care how old most shows are, and like @allischaaff said it could be a good move. I don't think sesame street is taking anything away from the poor kids, as the shows will still be shown on pubs. if I had to make a choice I would say it's not a bad thing, it's just different.
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