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Some of us just aren't style mavens. We don't have the natural skills to throw together an amazing outfit that looks casual and put together. We don't have stylists and we're not celebrities, but we can make ourselves look ultra-cool with the right style hacks.
Here are a few ways to fake your way to the best dressed list. If I can look decent, anyone can!

1. Mix things that don't make sense.

Flannel and expensive jewlery?
Jeans and heels?
Leather jackets and dresses?
All of that sounds stylish right? Check. Take some pieces that you don't think will go together and wear them at the same time. It seems like stars all over the place are mixing things that don't seem logical. Take Kylie Jenner who pairs lots of dressy things with casual elements, Amy Schumer, who rocks leather pants and a casual T-shirts, and my dumb ass for reference.

2. Invest in a Kick Ass blazer.

Blazers instantly polish any look. They even look good with T-shirts. This fashion staple will make people go, "Wow, you look great! So stylish!" It's Kate Moss' go-to (my personal fashion icon) and lots of other stars like, Kim Kardashian and a host of fashion bloggers do the same. I like to pair them with jeans a T-shirt, tennies, a big necklace and some over-the-top hair.

3. Up your shoe game.

Even if the rest of your outfit is uber casual, if you've got some killer shoes on, you're instantly going to look more stylish. I mean, look at these outfits, that would be instantly less-stylish without the amazing shoes. Jessica Alba's casual looks are made way more stylish with great flats and really cool boots.

4. Two words: Double. Denim.

Make sure you've got two different shades going. Light on top, dark on bottom works pretty good on curvier girls, and when you throw a T-shirt on, and some cute shoes, the results are positively stylish, even if you didn't realize you were doing it.
Chambray shirts are really in, and once fall hits you can opt for the heavier jean jackets.
See! Even I look pretty cool with this combo going. Other looks by Ashley Olson and Kim Kardashian show progressively dressier looks.

5. All black everything.

Nothing is more fashionable than black. It's fashion's most popular color and loads of celebrities wear it on the daily. If you pick some well fitting black clothing, you'll look more stylish by the day. It's really amazing what it can do for your confidence too. You'll feel fiercer, trust me. Add a hat for some extra glam.
Check out how the celebrities style it, then check out my version, which is pretty stylish if I do say so myself.
I'd love to see more sarongs and maxi dresses too. I feel like those articles barely made a show this summer.
@marshalledgar I live for him!!!!! Suggest away!
Amen to upping the ante in footwear. may I suggest Stuart Weitzman?
Thanks @jordanhamilton I've been faking it for years now hahah. Glad to share the secrets!
you're very welcome!! :)
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