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Beyonce claimed she woke up like that, so why can't we all? As much as we all love a little makeup to enhance our beauty, sometimes it's good to wash it off and embrace your skin -- flaws and all. Being able to be comfortable in your skin without the concealer and foundation is the true definition of being flawless.
Your favorite Disney princesses removed their makeup in hopes of making a statement thanks to amazing Buzzfeed illustrator, Loryn Brantz. Makeup doesn't define you and your beauty lies deep beneath the surface. Wipe off those layers and love yourself -- past the makeup.

Even Snow White had to draw on her eyebrows.

Jasmine clearly doesn't need much makeup. Like most makeup lovers, it's obvious that eyeliner is her best friend.

Elsa, natural beauty much?

If these princesses can ditch the makeup, then so can you.

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