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Hey, have you ever wondered how many tatoos does G-Dragon actually have on his sexy body? I know I have..give me a second to refrain from my day dreaming . Okay yes....well I found a photo that gives detail on where exactly his tatoos are located. In this photo he has on clothes...but it would be more educational if he didn't lol...but I'm serious . Sorry if it is a bit blurry...but just use your imagination if needed! COMMENT BELOW WHICH TATTOO IS YOUR FAVORITES AND IF YOU WERE TO GET A TATTOO WHAT WOULD IT BE!!!
These are a few close up since the above photo was a little blurry. I love that dragon ball one too. I was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z!!
Bang Bang Bang with Jesus
I love this one. It's cute...I might get on like this but with a heart or a tiger paw print.
I really like his 'forever young', 'to fast to live to young to die', and his happy face tattoo lol I think if I was to get a tattoo I would get a small one similar to his smiley face one 😂❤️
I said the same thing too! @BlueBear07 Idk if I will get a BB tatoo but I might get on later in life.
Wow didn't realize he had so many of them! I wanna get a BB related tattoo in the near future. ❤
okay and no I haven't I've been at work a lot because we have a murder mystery tomorrow.
I do if you want it
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