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I'm not a fan of this question, but this is my response every single time I get asked.
NEVER too old for anime.
Comic Credit: Deya Muniz
Next time someone says that anime is for kids, just offer to babysit their child and ask if putting on Death Note, Attack on Titan or Boku no Pico is okay, since "anime is for kids" 馃槀馃槀
the way I see it is, one should never stop doing what they enjoy. my belief is that you should dream big and never stop chasing after them
What people don't understand is that for us, there is meaning behind anime. There's always some kind of message. Friendship, determination, honesty, courage and many other things. This is why I believe you can never be too old for anime. You will never be too old to learn new messages
@ninachan so true! I think people in the U.S. just aren't used to seeing animation for adults so they assume "oh it's animated it's just for kids". Not that there's anything wrong with watching stuff that's "for kids" of course! But it's the impression people have I think
your never too old to watch anime
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