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Even famous celebrities love their Chipotle. However everyone seems to be in the same boat when it comes to extra charges that you don't notice at Chipotle. From salsa, to extra guac, to double meat, we are constantly watching our Chipotle bill go up. It's annoying and unfair when we already think our burrito is too small as it is.
But did you know that Khloé Kardashian is just like you receiving those extra charges? She was spotted in Houston with her new NBA boyfriend James Harden. They both got a few chicken burrito bowls AND EXTRA GUACAMOLE. That definitely pushed up their bill. Even though it's not a problem financially, it's ridiculous that they had to pay for it. So intern Dylan Grosz, from Apartment List, learned the way to increase your burrito size by 86% to help out famous celebrities like Khloé and the average joe like YOU.

Increase your burrito size by 86%

Though it's common knowledge that you naturally get more food if you get a burrito bowl, some have complained that people get shorted when it comes to ordering a burrito. This has caused many to get double meat which leads to a higher bill at the end of the line. However, THERE'S A SOLUTION.
If you ask for your tortilla on the side instead of them wrapping your burrito, your burrito will be 15% bigger doing that alone.
If you ask for two tortillas so you can wrap it yourself, you can increase your burrito weight capacity by 25% meaning a bigger burrito. (Ask for a second tortilla at checkout so that they don't object.)
Asking for two half portions of meat is more meat than asking for one kind of meat, 54% more. (Two half sizes of meat increase the burrito weight by 9%)
You will have to wrap your burrito yourself but who cares.
The rest of the directions are below.


1. Order a bowl. Tortilla on the side. Two tortillas is not extra.
2. Ask for both brown and white rice.
3. Ask for both black beans and pinto beans.
4. Ask for two kinds of meats- half portions.
5. Make sure they give you fajita vegetables and corn salsa.
6. Load up on salsas, cheese, lettuce, guac, and sour cream.
7. BOOM, you have a bigger burrito.
*BEWARE of #4, Don't have them confuse asking for two kinds of meat as double meet. The minute double meat is said out loud, they charge you.

Have any of you attempted this new cheat?

cravings just set in and OMG I am def here for Harden & Khloe. Anyone is better than French in my opinion. great card!
I...all of a sudden want Chipotle <3
@nestrortr08 My impression was that simply by mixing meats they tend to give you more compared to when you just have one meat. So while you are getting less steak, the overall amount of meat they give you would be bigger if that makes sense
wouldn't the half and half meat backfire? would i get charged the full price of the most expensive meat of the two?half chicken and half steak would be a steak burrito yet half is chicken?