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I wanted to kick off my new DIY collection with this fun one for the hot weather. A simple, printable project for those of you who need a cute way to cool off. This is perfect for summer concerts, hanging outside with friends and even cooling off in your air-conditioner free apartment.

First: Print out the fans, and cut them out.

This couldn't be easier, just follow this link: print out the template here. Then cut out the cute little suckers! You'll need like four or five of them, depending on how elaborate you want your fan to be.

Next: Take a hole punch and punch through each ice-cream cone, to prepare for the closure.

You can hole punch them individually, or you can stack them and go. I prefer the quicker option.

Third: Stack the cones, add the closure and wa-la! You've got a new fan!

Close them up with a "brad" which is a closure that you can buy at any craft store.


You can decorate these guys with little cherries, provided on the Oh Happy Day printable, by cutting a notch in the cone and sliding the cherry into it.
Then you can add colors with crayons, markers, glitter, whatever!

Now stay cool!

I know right! @alywoah I made these at home just because it was a good de-stressor lol