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Today I was making some more frozen cocktails and I said to myself I want to be original. So no frozen margaritas and daiquiries this time. As a base, I went with rum. I think you can never go wrong with rum. And since I have already had my pineapple and mango chunks frozen... What goes better with pineapple than rum? Next, I needed something to sweeten the drink. No triple sec and no peach tree, that's what I said to myself. I decided to go with malibu, since it fits well with pineapple and mango, and it is a rum! Two rums? Why not! And if I was already all about rum, why not adding some dark brown as well? Not too much of it, just for a taste, since it has a really strong aroma. I could go all natural and "healthy" but why? I don't want it to be a auper healthy drink. I want it to be super good and great looking one. That is why I added just a tiny bit of pineapple juice and mango juice, just to get a bit more of this fruity aroma. Oh, and of course I was using freshly chopped mango and pineapple chunks (most of it is fresh fruit, and just a small amount of juices). At this point, the drink seemed a bit too sweet, so I used freshly squeezed lime juice to level the sweetness. So, throwing all the ingredients into the blander with lots of ice and bland! It is soooo gooood. It is rummy, it is fruity, it is refreshing, it is tropical, it is frozen, it is amazing looking and enchants you in every single way. I have not thought of its name that is why I am asking you guys ( @allischaaff @marshalledgar @alywoah @danidee @TerecaRiley @shannonl5 @skee292 @LauraFisher @nicolejb @2littlelegs @TessStevens @LizArnone @buddyesd @NixonWoman @onesmile @yernaya @MooshieBay ) and all the vinglers in general to comment your idea of this drinks' name.
Island Buzz Rum Conundrum Trilogy Effect Atlantic Sun
congratulations @onesmile! !!!!!
I decided to go with @onesmile Rum me over. It just fits right and I like the sound of it. So congrets, you named one of my cocktails :) I will now put this cocktail on my manu, tittled "Rum Me Over" :)
an anonymous person came to me saying that I should win. in fact, there were several anonymous people who came to me saying that I should win...
I vote Rum Me Over @rodiziketan
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