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'Would You Rather': Love Vs. Money?
It's time for the Funny Community's Friday 'Would You Rather?' game! This week, we put true love against cold hard cash - which one would YOU choose?

Comment below with your answer, and have fun debating with your Vingle friends!

25 of you answered last week's Would You Rather: 'Would You Rather Give Up Cheese Or Give Up Chocolate?' It was a close one, but the winner (BY ONE VOTE!) was Give Up Chocolate. (Which I'm sure the chocolate fans are fine with because more for them.) Want to participate in future 'Would You Rather' games? Follow my Weekly 'Would You Rather' collection to stay in the know!
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money!!! I'll buy luv lol...
2 years agoReply
oh this is hard I want the cash lol but I know true love is better than what money can buy....... oh gosh fine I'll go with true love
2 years agoReply
I would pick the money...and its not like I'm being materialistic...but it's not realistic to say love all you need...like that feeds you, clothes you. It doesn't. When u hungry and sitting w a bag of spaghetti noodles n sauce in front of you and ur power off I'll be looking at my bf like I need money to pay the bills to feed us...and you never know about the future...I would use the money to help my family and ppl I love...pay my parent health bill, pay the house mortgage...pay my school loans and send my brothers n nephews to college so they don't have to choose between making money for college or going to college...so it's not being materialistic I'd rather I go w out luv(that's not guarantee) and help my family and those I luv then to be broke and unable to help them and basically miserable/struggling.
2 years agoReply
I already found my true love so Gimmie dat caaaaassh!!!
2 years agoReply
I'd go for the Cash. As much as I'd love to find that special someone, love can happen many times in a single lifetime as to getting mountains of money? Unlikely. lol It don't grow on trees ya know! I know this makes me somewhat selfish, but I don't mind in the least. With money I could fix a lot of things in my life and the lives of people I care deeply for. Medical bills, house payments, food and daily needs. There are so many people I could help. In a way helping the people you care for is a form of love. :))
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