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what u guys think are the rum ors true or just plain bs??
anyone wish for them to be true or u supporting NyongTori??
Nyontory for life. I don't get why knetizens have to hate the LGBT group. Like what did they do wrong? GD left a lot of hints on his sexuality and the fact that he does skinship more than necessary with Seungri proves how much they love each other.
@boliviamaite lol your welcome anything for my fellow vips
hahahahahahahahahahahaha that actually juat made my day @Marilovexoxo. u just rocked my world. hahahaha
I guess I have to share the news with you all ....this rumor is false we made it to cover the truth that me and gdragon are*hears gasps* I know I know its crazy but we didnt want anyone to know and be upset so we just made up this rumor to give us some space
ikr... wish someone could give that to me. but if wishes were horses beggers will ride. 馃槺馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
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