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@poojas What do you think of Eureka Seven ? Or have you never watched it ... YET ? ^-^
I dont know much about Eureka Seven , but I do know that these two are totally lovers ^-^ <3. I wanted to ask how many people have , or are currently watching and ask their opinions and thoughts on it. I have watched some episodes before and enjoyed it , therefore am going to watch them all. I enjoy sappy and romantic anime sometimes. ^-^
For anyone who has not watched Eureka Seven , but would like to do so .. Here is the link , enjoy ^-^
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For a second there I thought it was trinity seven because of the title. Never heard of this one, ill watch it if I get the chance and we can talk bout it :)
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I enjoyed the episodes I have watched , so im gonna try and get through them all ^-^
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I haven't seen this one yet, but I will be adding this to my list :D
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Man, Eureka Seven is a classic among anime fans, and I've still not seen it. I need to get on this pronto
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