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So thoughts on cl mv

So CL came out with her first mv in America. Now when I first watched it I tried not to think of her kpop videos, but it was really hard not to compare. This video in not so sure about. She looks amazing like always, and any time she wasn't in the shot I was like where is she?
But the song has stuck itself in my head and I'm really liking it! But tall watch the mv and tell me what yall think!
I like the song but the music video was weird. the girls on the ground was unnecessary. same for the random pikachu
I was not impressed with the song or M/V.
I like the song hate the Mv.
I agree, I've been singing the song all day although I question the MV
@blubear07 that's riff raff and I really couldn't either after the first couple times I listen to it, still can't understand it much now either
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