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IT FINALLY CAME IN!!! . . . .What you ask? The BIG BANG MADE ALBUMS!!! KAHAHAHHHHHRIHHDIDBJSIHJDJDBNDO -breathes- OK I'm better now that I got the screams out the way but KAHHHHHHHHHHHH I had to share it with you guys! I'm so happy I cried I think lol
The sexy D album poster!
The awsone A album poster!! Now I'm kicking myself for not getting the M poster but money was a little short at the time so . . . -sighs- yea moving on!!
the CDS and the cards!! ZOMG I think I'm gonna laminate the cards and put them on a key chain later lol.
Inside M, A, and D Albums!! Now for those of you who can't see the writing very well. Inside each album is a puzzle ticket. If you collect all the albums with the ticket you'll get a special prize. what it is I have no idea but I sooooo curious now lol. The next ones I have to get is E and MADE. So I'm hoping and praying to buy both next week!! WOOT Just 2 more!!
And I totally just bought the E album!!! ONE MORE TO GO!!! WOOT WOOT. @ErinGregory So total correct to my comment its $19.40 for one album. This includes the poster, the ticket and CD itself with a little gift :D
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@LaurenAntoine, that's not a bad price at all!! I think it's definitely worth it as well!
Where did you get them from???
Big Bang tickets made me poor!!! Waaaae?!?!? 😫😫😫😫
@solodaywithB1A4 got it on ebay!