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My OTP is Misaki and Takumi because they are so funny and cute! They make me smile all the time and wish I had a romance like that. I think I drew this last year and it's one of my favorite drawings that I drew, just thought I'd post it since there is so much talk going around today in the anime community about this anime. It's my favorite romantic comedy anime and I thought I'd share, ENJOY! @BFP1916 I'm so happy that you loved this anime as much as me and @poojas. I can't wait to recommend more cute animes to you! Did you guys watch this show, did you like it?! Let me know! @DanRodriguez @corinazurk @AimeeH @caitlind9898 @AkiraCondry @chandnip804 @Kamiamon
@DanRodriguez If you like romantic comedies, this is the best one out there and thanks!
I've never seen this. It's Kaichou wa Maid-sama, right? But it's always great to see your drawings! ^_^
@corinazurk You should check it out! @caitlind9898 Thanks and that's awesome!
One of my favorite anime's. I love the picture, you did really well on it :)
I love this! I might watch this... how many episodes are there?
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