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[GAME] Guess The Song

Sorry guys, I was gonna play with y'all yesterday but I was too busy that it passed through my head. So here we go! How to play: -I will write a verse (piece of lyrics) of any K-Pop song **Note: they'll be Korean lyrics** -Your job is to guess the song (please also add name of the group since most groups have same titled songs) -I will reward 3 winners (RANDOMLY) with correct answers. -Rewards can be the following: MV, photo or Imagine requests. (You don't have to request for any if you wish and for those requesting for Imagine, note that it will take me a while to come up with ideas so you'll have to message me and flow me with ideas, okay?) P.S. For the past winners that requested Imagines: @Exoexo @JessicaChaney I've been busy and I have other Imagines to finish off, so I'll try my best to finish y'all and others before I go to school. Hope you understand. :) NOW! On your marks, get set, GUESS THE SONG!
yeoldulsi jogeum neomeun iryoil nan pyeongsocheoreom geunyang Coffee shop cheoeum boneun saram geu teum soge nawa myeot beon nuni majuchin neo Yeah naega meonjeo ga mareul geolkka? animyeon aneun cheok yeongireul halkka? cheot nune banhaetdago malhaneun geon eotteolkka? (You know what? you know what? you know what?) wollae sarangeun nochineun ge anya kkeutnae huhoehae yonggibuteo naebwa cheot nune banhaetdago malhaedo doelkka? (Oh girl)
UNIQ Luv Again! <3 <3
Uniq - Luv Again. Love that song
Uniq, luv again?
uniq, luv again!!!
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