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Ever since I found the Bangtan Boys, Jungkook has been my bias. But then there was Jimin. Always like the first picture, just always peaking around the corner going "You know I'm really your bias...." Jimin is easily becoming my bias. xD
I mean look at him... I especially love the BTS bombs that star him or he has the camera. xD
I especially love how much he adores Jungkook. Always calling him handsome and complementing him xD and of course picking on him.
And of course his voice.... *swoon* It's so rare to find a guy with a good high pitched voice.
And of course his dancing. ^^
So needless to say, Jimin is pushing his way up my bias list. xD
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i feel rapmon is my bias wrecker tbh lol @CrystalBlunt
2 years ago·Reply
@DianaCastaneda just embrace it
2 years ago·Reply
i want him to emvrace me shoot lol im ready lol @CrystalBlunt
2 years ago·Reply
@DianaCastaneda my body is ready
2 years ago·Reply