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As @biancadanica98 adviced me I started to watch Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! two days ago! It says it all the fact I only took a day to finish the season! Since the first episode I couldn't stop watching! It took my heart, dammit! It was supposed to last a week at the least, but I didn't have the strength like @poojas to only watch a episode or two a day! So I couldn't make a card for each episode! That said, I'm doing this card because if you haven't seen this anime yet, your life isn't complete!
I need you to know!! here are my favorite moments and why I loved, love and forever will love this anime so much! First of all, like once Bianca said, it's awesome that Misaki Ayusawa, the main female character, represents a hard-working, powerfull, independent and kind (mostly with the girls ;3) beautiful girl! she's in a mostly boys school and she's the student council president of the school! she's trying to change the school to be more receptive to girls and to discipline all the reckless boys from the school!
basically she's like this at school. for the boys. And it's mostly because her father left her, her sister and her mother when she was younger and they live in poverty now. But that's where her secret comes from too. She's a maid at a maid cafe and she turns into this lovely sweet girl!
"Welcome back master"
She's still a strong women though ;3 So Usui, the main male character finds out she's a maid and starts going to the cafe every day! along with many events, they build a weird cute relation where non of them admit to like each other! Anyway, they're always fighting but then there's these cute moments that melt everybody's heart!
So basically is a love-hate relation! and we sure love it! they are the cutest funnyest "non-couple" ever!! As I can't decide which are my favorite moments all gifs and photos in this card make me remember some of the moments I love! This was my first Romantic anime and I couldn't start better! please watch it so we can fangirl together *_* ( if you need somewhere to watch anime kissanime is where I see all kinds of anime with high quality! so no excuses ;D) I'm in love with kaichou wa maid-sama! and I can't wait for the second season! please share my love and watch it and message me if you do! I want to know your opinion ^-^ here are some more gifs/photos I love! thanks for watching my card! hope you like it! kisses anime community! love you all and I'm sorry if I didn't tag you all but I didn't decorated you nicknames :x Bye <3
@RosePark that will be my next anime! promise! after I watch it I'll message you if you want!
I feel like this anime doesnt the recognition it deserves to be honest. The story is great, lots of laughter, and great characters. If I may, I would like to recommend to you " Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji". You'll love it (hopefully) :) We can discuss about it after you watch it, if you do that is.
Omg this anime is life for me!!! Usui is like anime bae number 8!!! I effin loved this and I'm still reading the manga!!
@BPF1916 Love, love, love this card! It's great! Honestly, this is one the cutest animes I've seen and I would talk about it all day long XD
@biancadanica98 Obviously Ao Haru Ride has to come in here as well as both animes are so similar~ Good stuff!
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