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Big Bang MADE Concert
Hey guys im excited to say im gonna get to go to big bang's made concert in anaheim ❤
If anyone else is going then I would like to meet up and hangout comment below if interested please.❤❤❤
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yea around there @majesticx
2 years ago·Reply
newman is around there! I used to live close to there. wow, now that I move i find so many interesting people >_< no one in newman was interesting
2 years ago·Reply
dang well i am going to be moving to modesto but idk if that is close or not
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah modesto is close to newman still it's about 45 minutes away but I'm moving near Santa Cruz LOL
2 years ago·Reply
oh well santa cruz is fun my family loves the beach @majesticx
2 years ago·Reply