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Was over at the hotel waiting for my daughter to get off work. The sun was sitting just above the Western horizon. Great opportunity to take a photo. usually when I cover back from Idaho Falls late in the afternoon, coming off interstate, I always see this... photo in my head but never actually stopped to take it.
That tree looks like it's pretty near right? It's not, it's a really really tall tree. it's been there for decades. and I mean decades. I was probably 13 yrs old when I first came to live with my mum in this area. I use to walk by that tree when I walked to the grocery store. That was a good 29 years ago, lol. They cut the lower branches so kids wouldn't be climbing up into. I'd say it was at least 3 stories high.
The 2nd coolest car I have ever owned. The first was an 89 Toyota Supra.
And some pics I took on Instagram.