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So Today I have my number 2 fav in Big Bang and ladies and gentlemen it is the always surprising, goofy, intense, and lovable T.O.P
The original from Let's Not Fall In Love... His intense but I don't want to be anywhere else stare melted my heart.
I hope I did him a little justice. he's so tall so I made his neck a little long. But that intense stare I hope it goes straight to your heart.
Here are the Post It note Work Art LoLAgain feel free to tag anyone. comments and critique are appreciated. Glad I found you other V.I.Ps. let me know who you want next and if you want a fanfic .
Good work, @VeronicaArtino! Thanks again! ^_^
@DanRodriguez I use my samsung galaxy note 3 and use their sketchbook app to draw these. I drew a top one on a post-it no at work today I'll probably added into the card later for everyone to see my pencil drawings I'll comment when I do that and tag you.
Thank you! It's great that you're sharing your drawings! Do you use your computer software, like GIMP, to do these?
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