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Caution may cause heavy uncontrollable nosebleeds. I decided to make a post dedicated to some of the best body rolls I have ever seen. If you will, feast your eyes below. BTW : I know that I am missing quite a bit of the best body rolls, but my phone scrambled the pictures and I did not feel like searching over 2000 photos. Please don't hate me. . .
Rain of course gets spot number 1. As an added plus I love the song, so there you are... @Taijiotter @najalong1998
Lay and his cute little body roll. Some of Exo.
My name is T to A to the E to tha Y to the ANG. I had to do it. #sorrynotsorry
Jay Park. Enough Said.
Jimin & J Hope. V is a cutie. JHope makes me giggle.
Donghae ❤
VIXX ❤ Which I Think they should not be allowed to make those faces or else fangirls everywhere will lose all ability to can. I. Can't. Even. *Starbucks Coffee and UGGS Stat*
Minkey. It's more of a side sway but they're still adorable!
Disclaimer* I don't own any of the gifs or video's used*
@Ambie XD totally understand that!! I did too when I made it!!
I had to stare at the Jay park gif for like five minutes
@mkbmccann Thank you!! So I'm not the only one who thinks that!! I was either captivated by Hongbin or Ravi. I was like oh lord... That should not be allowed!
Ugh! That look the Hongbin is giving the camera with his evil smirk. That should be illegal.
Oh, I thought you had booty shots and stuff like that, because I wouldn't blame you ! 😂😂😂😂 And you're welcome
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