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Okay, call me late on the Got7 train but here's my ticket... *hands over piece of soul* So can I get in on this? I had only ever known about him from Amber's MV for Shake that Brass but never thought to really look up more about him. That changed yesterday. I had been debating on getting into a new group because my soul is already stretched thin. But I always love hearing new music. So I got curious and Googled Got7 before watching any MV's. I wanted to know more about the guys beforehand. That went well enough for me to watch Just Right and then other MV'S until I spent 2 hours on JYPs youtube playlist for Got7... Safe to say I'm sold. Jackson stood out to me the most for his funny and charming nature, his fencing background, silly laugh, and the way he seems to enjoy squatting? LOL! And of course he's pretty hot! So what do I do now that I've fallen? I think I'm gonna lay on the floor some more, have a cup of tea with some cookies, and watch more videos until bedtime. Have you recently got into a new group? If so, how did it happen?
Jackson makes everyone fall for him and never let's you get back up again
@kimleekwonshin Got7 has taken over my life in 2 days! I spent 3 hours on youtube last night watching more Real Got7, stage performances, and looking up pictures of Jackson! Also I've listened to the full and mini album on repeat for hours now and nothing else! I'm do deep in right now!! lol!!!
My souls just keeps on attaching to GOT7 and BTS. For BTS, I have listened to them since debut, but I wasn't it took me a while to really love them. LOL. It took a trip to Peru and I had been listening to their songs I had on my iPod and I fell in love. So I went back this year and I couldn't contain myself. I bought one of their albums and cried of happiness (I still haven't listened to it). Lately, it's been GOT7 too. I have loved JB since his Dream High 2 days till now and my 2 close friends love GOT7 (both also Mark biased) they talk about them all the time and I've caught myself seeing GOT7 things for them and then we'd talk about it. Those two groups are just talking over my life lately ><
yes his dorkiness is real and the way he could be sexy ooh he became my bias and I'm still crazy about it lol!
I never got up XD
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