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So I've been a bit frustrated lately because I haven't had the chance to get on vingle much and it's made me miss it and all of yall!!
I've been crazy busy lately with college, trying to get student loans (fml), trying to find a job, dealing with a lot of doctors appointments, my 4 year old had surgery today (spent almost all day at the hospital and their Internet wouldn't wooorrrrk) so it's been a bit hectic (•_•'')
This is the only place where I can get my kpop talk in so, even though I'm currently visiting at my sisters, I'm sneaking in some vingle time!! xD♥♥
I've got nothing important to say other than I miss yall and hopefully I'll be on more soon! ♥ And I like photos and gifs, so. Yall got a lot of random ones. xD
I'm getting suspicious looks (I'm supposed to be socializing) so I gotta go again lol I hope everyone is doing well!!!! ♥♥
Miss your randomness @ErinGregory Hopefully you'll be back soon making me giggle all hehehe creeper style I also hope your lil one is okay ♡
@erin message me some time
miss u @erin. no body makes me laugh like u lol . see u soon
@najalong1998, thank you very much!!! 😆
@PassTheSuga, bahahahaha I'll definitely be back soon!! I'll be at my dad's tomorrow for a goodbye party, one of my brothers is about to ship out to basic training.. and I'm bad at socializing so I'll probably be on a bit then xD and thank you!! He's doing really good 😄😄😄
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