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And their name is N.Flying. They're a rap rock band under FNC entertainment, the same company as aoa, cn blue, and ft island. (Ft. island, N. flying, Cn blue haha get it? FNC? No? ok...). They debuted in Korea earlier this year but have debuted previously in Japan. I've heard about them before but never thought to check them out until just yesterday when I watched their episode on after school club and now I'm hooked. I don't know too much about them yet but I'll give you the info from their profile.
Birth name: Kwon Kwang Jin Stage Name: Kwangjin Birthday: August 12, 1992 Position: Rapper, Bassist Height: 181 cm He's the former bassist of CN Blue
Birth Name: Kim Jae Hyun Stage Name: Jaehyun Birthday: July 15, 1994 Position: Drums, Maknae Height: 180 cm He's the little brother of Rainbow's Jaekyung
Birth Name: Cha Hoon Stage Name: Hoon Birthday: July 12, 1994 Position: Guitar Height: 180 cm
Birth Name: Lee Seung Hyub Stage Name: Seunghyub, J.Don Birth Date: October 31, 1992 Position: Leader, Rapper, Main Vocalist, Guitarist Height: 181 cm He collaborated with AOA Jimin in the song GOD If you guys couldn't tell by the difference in the amount of pictures Seunghyub is my bias in N.Flying. Jimin, you're great and all, but I'm totally crushing on J. Don right now so please... step aside. jk I have no chance with him...
Here's the music video to their song Awesome. That grrrr thing he did gave me some feels. He's practically my ideal idol since he raps (I've noticed that many of my biases are rappers) and he sings. Plus he's so good looking and I'm totally fangirling right now and I just... I just can't with this group.
Love N.Flying...FNCs name actually is from those three boy bands too so it's funny
Love this group! <3
@JustinaNguyen I listen to awesome the most but I love the whole album, and god was amazing!
@VixenViVi I love fnc boy groups/bands which is why I find it weird that I've never bothered to check out n. flying but now that I have I'm going to go listen to every song they've released and fangirl. Hoon's eyes are so easy to lose yourself in. they're just so dark and hypnotizing. what's your favorite song by them?
I love this group!!! I'm a big fnc boys group fan anyway and when J.Don did God I was in love. I don't know my bias yet but it leaning towards Hoon <3