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Yo, so I haven't been active lately on here and I'm so sorry. But I've decided to on certain days post about things. Most of them will have to do with kpop, also if you have suggestions let me know. 1. Nugu Monday : which will basically be about new groups. Any groups that have debuted within the last year will be included. This is just to open our eyes to groups we don't really hear about. 2. Random Wednesday: Which by the title will basically be about anything. Whatever you guys want me to do I'll do. 3. Get to know me Friday: Where I will talk about me!! Haha, basically I want to make friends here. So I'll probably post random kpop related facts about me. Like I said this is subject to change. Anything I should add let me know!!
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Don't know how I missed this card, but it all sounds good to me ^^