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Appreciation post for A.R.M.Y: Bangtans fan club Our fandom name is A.R.M.Y which stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth but it also has a meaning behind it. ARMY is military in English, the body armor and military are always together, so it means that the fans will always be together with the Bangtan Boys’. In my opinion, one of the most craziest fandom I've been in (If you look at BTS memes you'll know what I mean) but hey! I'm proud to be an A.R.M.Y! They will support their boys all the way! They will stand together with BTS through bad times and good times. They will do anything for them! They are BTS's A.R.M.Y! A.R.M.Y loves BTS! I mean who wouldn't love these dorks?
Personally this is one of my favorite fandom names because 1. It has inner meaning for the fans (the acronym) and 2. if you just say "I'm an ARMY" to a non Kpopper or some one not familiar with BTS (basically someone who doesn't know the acronym) , it's like saying your a force to be reckon with, which is also what this fandom is. A force to be reckon with.
I love these guys