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Both his face and the pillow is my exact reaction while making this card. I have compiled 11 (well technically 12, you'll see later) pictures of all of our favorite KPop members without shirts on. 1.) I want to see who can name all of them by just their abs and nothing else. 2.) I tried to rank them by difficulty, as some are going to be obvious by the other things in the picture, while others may be more difficult. 3.) I'm really sorry some of the pictures are blurry. I had to zoom in to cut off each of their heads and legs. If I could make it without doing that, I totally would. But you get the idea!! 4.) Please comment what you think/know each one is. Winner gets 100 imaginary points! 5.) I'll post the answers later (probably in a couple days) for those of you who don't know and want to know. 6.) Let us gooo!!! \(^o^)/ P.S. Each one has a very small, vague hint to help.
1. He was the first to sign a contract with the group he is in. He is te second youngest in his group.
2. His group debuted ten year after "CB Mass" debuted. There is one more person on this list in the same group as him.
3. Wants to be a missionary. Active volunteer for UNICEF.
4. He was born in the U.S. Has many more tattoos now. This picture is old.
5. Described a band (not telling you which band) as the color gold. His face doesn't (in my opinion) match his body.
6. 2011 was a very bad year for him. He had blonde hair in this MV.
7. Had surgery on his leg once. He goes crazy on fan service.
8. Was almost a model. The way his name is romanized does not perfectly match his ν•œκ·Ή name.
9. Has a twin. He is terrible at aegyo.
10. Likes to sleep in workout clothes. 11. The college He went to recently changed its name. Their group name backward is the 14th composite number in the Arabic system. (Bonus points if you get both).
12. Challenge: The whole band originated from America, and debuted in Korea 9 years after beginning in America. There used to be four members, but there are now only 3. The member who left died in a car accident in 2011 (or maybe 2012). Final hint!! He's a member of Royal Pirates (sorry it's blurry, this one was a gif)
I told you those would be some vague hints!! Good luck! (・ω・)γƒŽ
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@kpopxanime yeeeesss it's James Lee from Royal Pirates. Soooo 1. Kai 2. Taeyang 3. Choi Siwon 4. Jay Park 5. Jimin 6. Daesung 7. Jonghyun 8. Taecyeon 9. Yongguk 10. Ravi 11. Hongbin 12. James Lee I want to do something else like this again. Or would it be super boring and stupid? :P
It was fun;))I immediately recognized Kai, Jay park, and Jimin's abs lol
@TMinusEleven You should totally do this again! :D it's super fun, and the challenging level was perfect πŸ‘Œ
1 is kai 2 is teayang 4 is jaypark 5is jimin 7 is onew 9is bang yongguk 10 is ravi 11is hongbin
@DanieTate all of yours are right except 7 is not Onew. Correct group though!