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and defamation. The accused is alleged offender forbidden to leave the country while she is considered guilty and is expected to face charges severely punished. However, instead of showing repentance, accused edited text messages exchanged between Kim Hyun Joong and she, and exposed without their consent to the media to misrepresent. As a result, she committed a defamation toward Kim Hyun Joong, this has brought fears of society and social negative consequences.
Choi, the accused, presented text messages very private nature in a scandalous, recklessly slandered and Kim Hyun Joong and a third person. For certain media, who reported the research unrelated to the trial and shockingly uncensored parties also take legal action.
The defendant, after filing an injury claim in 2014, repeatedly blackmailed (KHJ) to expose her that "she would have had a miscarriage by being beaten". "Kim Hyun Joong feared he would be ruined in the entertainment industry and gave 600MW. After that, in January 2015, she again demanded money. When money was denied, to put pressure on (KHJ), she went to have an interview with a women's magazine published in March 2015 and said "she was pregnant with his child (KHJ)". But, when I did not get the money, she established a demand for 1.6MW the April 7, 2015 and blackmailed to expose that she "had a miscarriage by being beaten".
There are two reasons why Kim Hyun Joong is determined to make all published.
First, if the yield to blackmail, you will have to pay money every time she blackmail. Even when paying the money this time, he is worried that she return him to blackmail.
Second, he experienced such severe agony and death, when he was blackmailed. So he took the descion to make all the facts.
When the accused did not get the money from Kim Hyun Joong, as she threatened last year, she was to have the interview
with a broadcasting company on May 11, 2015, and misrepresented that "she had a miscarriage by being beaten". The side of Kim Hyun Joong responded immediately with an interview to deter misrepresentation.
When pregnancy consultation in the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology were made, it was confirmed that there never was a miscarriage of assault or pregnancy. With that finding, Kim Hyun Joong A lawsuit for false accusations and extortion.
The defendant stated texting extremely private nature that were irrelevant to the investigation and demand, in order to confuse the main issues of criminal investigation and civil suit. Also, this meant she openly put pressure on Kim Hyun Joong.
Kim Hyun Joong is determined to reveal the crimes of the accused, even if it threatens his career as entertainer in the future. an additional , will ACCUSED against the crimes committed by the accused and those involved in these criminal acts.
I all lays believed in him. I'm so glad the truth is getting revealed.
And the world was so quick to judge him...
Omg why would she do that??? KHJ seems like such a nice guy!!! She gives other women a bad name. Now it may be difficult for him to trust another woman with his heart.....
ty for posting. more ppl need to hear his side. she has dominated the media. He has decided to come forward and reveal the whole truth even if it risks his career. that just makes it that much more credible on his side. of course i never believed her for a second but it's nice others are beginning to see the big picture here! 馃榿
@glostick I know right I mean seriously what if I went to Korea and meet him and he be like sorry I don't talk to fans no more cause I'm sure was a fan at first all star fan someone. @LinnyOk @AngelJoong86 right when I heard this I just definitely said she lying.
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