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I could careless of what she does Im still her fan either way and its her body #FIGHTING
tbh, they're comparing these too photos where she either wasn't wearing a bra or had a really thin bra on. besides those pics are from to long ago. like hyuna could have been a late bloomer. plus they're talking about girls can tell if she's wearing a padded bra and honestly she probably is. have they ever heard of a pushup padded bra? besides, if she wantd bigger breasts thats her choice. but either way she looks damn good. also, I'm with that third commenter lol.
exactly lm like you guys need to be more open minded and it is their money too @ErinGregory
I really don't see why people flip out about idols getting any kind of plastic surgery. Like you said, it's THEIR bodies. If they want new boobs or new noses or something, that's their deal. <3
Right!! And I'm not gonna lie, if I had the money I'd totally get a boob job and do something so I can be thinner. xD But I feel bad for idols because if they have a crooked nose or small boobs or no abs.. they get talked about for it and made fun of and whatnot. But if they use their hard earned money to change these things about themselves, they get looked down upon. It's like they can't win, everything they do gets people talking bad about them @solodaywithB1A4