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Okay, we (@StarBabes and i) have made another reaction video, but this time we did watch it for the first time, lol. Thanks to the special guests that appeared (@StephyBAP and my sister) made it more fun to make this video :) Enjoy and hope you like the video
second reaction......woooooo \(^O^)/ the B1A4 music video was great I LOVED IT. hahaha
hope you enjoyed our reaction and expected more in the future :D .....dont forget to like and subscribe (you dont have to if you dont want to *cough cough* do it *cough cough*)
love you guys bye bye......hope you enjoyed :D
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Lol it was cute
i looked wierd and you two where just so fabulous @B1A4BTS5ever and @StarBabes
@StephyBAP lol no you should see the screen shots we took and the "I love it" part lol xD
this was so cute!!!!
this was a reaction fun lol sweet nd cutte