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Hi guys! So, as stress relief, I draw. Because I can draw relatively realistically, I was thinking of possibly selling these drawings at some point. But in the mean time, if you want me to draw anyone specific, I will do so. I already plan on finishing SHINee, so no need to ask for them (I drew Key, if you can't tell). Anyone who leaves a suggestion, thank you in advance! ♡
Wow that's so amazing! I've just gotten back in to drawing but it's been hard to find the time lately because of my adulting responsibilities lol
@shannonl5 It took me a long time, that's all I can really say. I started at the end of June, but then in July I went on vacation for the whole month so I never got to work on it, then I finished it when I got back. From what I remember about it, it took over 7 hours.
@shannonl5 thank you! The sweater was so annoying to do, so I was so happy when I finished. @VeronicaArtino thanks for the suggestions
so awesome. bigbang definitely and Jay park
Oh I bet you would do an awesome job on Big Bang. Would love to see you draw them.
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