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Hi guys! So, as stress relief, I draw. Because I can draw relatively realistically, I was thinking of possibly selling these drawings at some point. But in the mean time, if you want me to draw anyone specific, I will do so. I already plan on finishing SHINee, so no need to ask for them (I drew Key, if you can't tell). Anyone who leaves a suggestion, thank you in advance! ♡
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@amazingangelini - I love your work! So nice to meet you (sort of)! I really love your pressure control and your use of cross hatching for the shaded areas of the subject's neck is especially pleasing to me. I am so looking forward to following your collections and seeing more of your illustration! :D Thanks @shannonl5 for mentioning me and bringing this to my attention!
@JonPatrickHyde thank you so much! I only have one other portrait I have draw and it is of Johnny Depp. I will have more, but I am unsure of when because I move from New York to California for college this upcoming Thursday.
@JonPatrickHyde you're welcome! I'm glad you liked it :D @amazingangelini is a lovely artist
damn your such a good drawer I'm so envious!!!