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(if you just Joined start here!) You are sitting on the couch watching a episode of running man, giggling. Kwangsoo is trying to cheat and gets caught like usual. Just then the door bell sounds. You weren't expecting company, so you go to see who it is. No one is outside. You crack the door and look around. On the ground is a package of candy with a note. You pick it up and read it. 'Hurry and get ready. I'm waiting ouside! XOXO <3 P.S. Bring the candy!' You smile at it, knowing it's from your boyfriend. Quickly getting dressed and grabbing the candy, you rush down to meet him. "Yabo!" you yell out. He turns to greet you and you see....... (See what option you picked!)
Choice 1!
Choice 2!
Choice 3!
Choice 4!
Choice 5!
Results! 1- Minho 2- Taemin 3- Onew 4- Jong Hyun 5- Key Did you get your bias? They would all be great to date!

Comment with your results! Wait for part 2, it will be up later!

(Part 3 is here!)