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I'm no hero to rescue you in the end I'm a mere human to protect you and defend I'm no superman who will bleed kryptonite I'm just a human who can stop your bleeding by my little blows of might I'm no spiderman who can grab and pull you towards me But I'm human who can love you till the end and call it my destiny I'm no hulk to protect you from all the rage I'm just a human to glow old with you till our ages I'm no captain america to risk my life for you I'm a human who will adore you like morning dew I'm no iron man who will blow your mind But I'm a human who will walk with you holding your hands in strong winds I'm no thor who will hold the thunder and rain But I'm a human who will endure all your pains I'm no batman who will kill the enemies I'm a human who will make you feel loved when it ceases I'm no flash who will run for you across the world I'm a human who will leave everything to bring us together I'm just a human who is more powerful than all the heroes As I already have all these powers and qualities I just want to love you and be with you forever As I'm your hero who will leave you never I'm your hero who will make you my princess As my angel you have descended from the heavens You with your love give me the power to do anything And with this invincibility, I just wish to wear you my ring As this life and my heart belongs to you As I'm gonna be the hero who will defeat all of them Just to be with you and love you until my end I'm a human with all the superhero powers combine And my lady my heart and soul are just for you to abide
Thank you mam :)