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hey guys so I'm doing a small review on korean nose packs for blackhead removal from 3 places. Tony moly, faceshop and nature republic. (instructions) - after washing your face, wet the areas around your nose with water. - remove the plastic liner from the smooth side of the strip. - apply of the bridge of the nose pressing down firmly to ensure maximum contact. - let it dry for 10-15 minute or until dry. -slowly peel of strip.
okay so first is nature republic. well... it's not the best, honestly I don't really like it. the shape of the strip doesn't fit well and doesn't take out a lot of blackheads. at least my nose is smooth. it leaves a lot of residue as in some of the sticky part of the pack stays on ur nose sometimes. I wouldn't suggest using it, the 3 step one from here is better and the clay packet.
Tony moly is rank 2 on my list. it's super close to being 1st but I seem to favor faceshop a slight more. the pack fits way better then nature republic but it's still off. it takes out more of the blackheads and my white heads. the smell is still a bit.... some people don't mind it and it still bearable. it has less residue then nature republic. my nose is really smooth.
faceshop is my favorite one. they come in 2 types aloe and charcoal. I always use the aloe but charcoal isn't bad either. the nose pack take out a lot of the blackhead and is very good at doing so.i think it fits perfect but it's a little hard to get the tip of the nose. the smell is a bit... but it's bearable. actually sometimes I don't even smell it maybe I just got use to it. for me I say it's painful to take off, all of these are but some people don't feel the pain. I even had some friends test it out and the prefer faceshop.
I usually buy my nose packets at the actual shop. I'm bragging a bit but we have these shops in hawaii maybe due to so much of us Asians here. you can orders these online, I suggest to buy the box. it's more worth it. it comes in a pack of 7. you can get it off amazon. when I search it up faceshop is the cheapest but maybe u guys are better than me and can find it for cheaper. when your done using don't forget ur toner and lotion!! comment if u have any questions or concerns.
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Thanks for the review! I've been looking for something similar to that works like biore strips but more effective. I have to try these. Where can I purchase them?