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So for the first time ever last night I had a kpop dream! I find it odd that it took so long because I usually often dream about bands I like, anyway let me warn you that in all my dreams about bands there's always a few members that are the bad guys in my dreams even though I don't see them that way. My dream was about... OF COURSE BIGBANG. But mainly Dae ♡
So the the link is relevant. I'll get to it! Okay so I am going to a BigBang concert and in my dream last night I was sitting in my seat at the concert and my non-kpop friend was sitting next to me, and beside her Dae was sitting. He got up and randomly preformed Baby Don't Cry, which in my dream actually made me cry and I started to record it trying to make sure he didn't notice, but he did and he sat in the corner and called me over. he talked to me about how upset he is about the throat problem he has for singing and I tried to cheer him up, then I asked if I could take a picture with him and he said yes, pulled out his phone and took a picture and when I tried with mine he stood up and started walking towards something. I ran after him begging to let me get a photo with him because Rose would never believe me, when I noticed he was following the scent of food. xD So then along came GD, TOP, and I think (?) Seungri and they started making me feel uncomfortable to which Dae got angry and yelled at them to stop then kissed me on the cheek. I think this is the best dream I've ever had.
@fabiolagavina haha thank you ^.^
@fabiolagavina BECAUSE DAE IS A SUPER CUTE ANGEL PIE. xD and ikr i cant believe my dream
@majesticx hopefully you have many more of him. ♡♡♡
why do I see this happening in real life? cute dream.