I swear I can't control my FEELS whenever I see my bias, especially when he's acting cute, so freaking adorable... it makes me cringe because I'm not there, it makes me sad and I cry, but then again I'm happy because how can I not love him?! Here are some examples of P.O. and his most recent cuteness and his sense of humour. My dream is to meet him one day!
I really can't wait until BLOCK B makes a comeback. And this aegyo.... asdfghjkl! :O
@MinionPeach17 OMFG ME TOO! I just get super happy when they say that! I'm just like awesome! Less competition for me ♡
Hahahaha who wouldn't?... actually I know people who don't like BLOCK B... oh well they are missing out... more for us!
@MinionPeach17 haha same. same. xD I'm such Block B trash xD
@BlockBVillains I feel ya... that's me like everyday... I just cant get enough of BLOCK B and its members... °3°
@MinionPeach17 haha I've seen most of these on Tumblr! i usually spend a good 1-2 hours just freaking scrolling away and reblogging Block B or P.O stuff x) ugh what's wrong with me xD
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