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I saw @Sarahwise doing this one and thought "why not" because we have the same one XD
Because I'm out and about today. His outfit probably cost twice as much as mine XD
His dimples ♥
No makeup selfie? IDK XD
Bonus image of this beautiful man
Let's drag some lovely people into this! @kpopandkimchi @kpopgaby
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You're so pretty!!! Even w out makeup ❤️❤️❤️
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you guys :3
2 years ago·Reply
btw I'm the one you came up with it not be rude :)
2 years ago·Reply
@Emealia I don't know what the oppa challenge is but your hair is AMAZING! So, I can't help but comment. lol
2 years ago·Reply
@HairConfetti Thank you XD @amandaamuska I never saw the original challenge, sorry
2 years ago·Reply