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I really could not believe it first bringing back Black Nut and than how Verbal Jint & San E team did that diss.. i mean sure diss is supposed to be hard on your oponent but some stuff of what they did was to me cheating first bringing back Black Nut and than those props .. even in diss the main focuse is rap right ? and really to me Black Nut stuff is getting kinda old ... really... i think Zico & Paloalto did really well JaMezz, Mino and AndUp and i think the winning team did won cause they had better rap it was the props and stuff used to také away attention from Mino's rap which i think was really good and hit the spot ... i will watch this show but only to know the winner cause now i dont value it much because it really feels like Black Nut was back to get views and attention for VJ & San E team so it felt like comedy or even farce... now im only curious about the winner ... and just hope he wont be from VJ& SanE team...