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I had a dreeam about G-Dragon and let me tell you he looked FINE. I regret waking up. Anyway he was actually selling MADE albums and you could get him to sign whichever ones you want you just needed to ask him. So of course, even in my dream i was too shy to ask him and I ended up getting no autographs. My dreams are too realistic. Why couldnt he just be my husband in my dream why I still had to be a fan. Seriously?! Anyway, the best part of it was that even though it was my dream, I still barely had enougg money to buy all the albums like...
Pretty much my facial expression right now. I coulda been rich but nooooo, my brain is a little too realistic for this ish. Anyway, I woke up and all day I've had cravings to see G (I call him G. Idk GD sounds too long. Lol). Anyway, heres original below. I felt like editing. Its an easy excuse to stare at him for a good two minutes. Lol. Share any awesome dreams youve had recently below!!!
@b1a4bts5ever he looks so fine yo. Anyway. Heres another.
His songs are usually a soundtrack of my weird dreams. I do have some rated r dreams of him and all of big bang