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While Korean celebrities are known for having some crazy fashion sense, whether it be great or bad.. sometimes guys wear some pretty tight pants!!
We put together a collection of some of the tightest pants that male idols have worn.. because why not?! Check out this list of 13 Absurdly Tight Pants Worn By Hot Male Idols!
B2ST Hyunseung in shiny tight pants
EXO D.O. Overflowing with confidence
TVXQ Yunho is a fierce beast
Lee Joon the crouching tiger hidden dragon
NU'EST Ren the white prince
JYJ Jaejoong in all black leather
SHINee Onew giving it his all on stage
EXO D.O. pulls of some Matrix moves
EXO Baekhyun looking colorful
SHINee Onew's performance is on a whole new level
Kai the nipple zombie, and Luhan the midas touch
TVXQ Yunho descends from heaven
U-KISS Kevin looking manly in a fitted suit
Okay! So there are a few reasons why I shared this article.
1: The obvious reason, the photos. Duh.
2: The captions for each photo... some of them were just. Amazing. Lmao
3: The article itself... How appropriate do you think this is? Yeah, it's fun and amusing.. however I feel like it's highly inappropriate. I don't think it's fair for the idols that there's an article that was published that literally centers around their junk (because, lets be honest, this article SAYS it's all about how tight the pants are, but it's REALLY about how well you can see the outline of their packages). I'd be super unhappy if it were me... and I feel like, if this article were about female idols instead of male idols, there would be a HUGE amount of outrage. But this is just me. What do yall think?
"Kai the nipple zombie, and Luhan the midas touch" about killed me lmfao @lamrotamrot. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so!
"the crouching tiger hidden dragon" XD
But yeah, I agree. It is defiantly sexualizing the idols, and I'm pretty sure there are similar articles about female idols, but probably not so audacious
@B1A4BTS5ever lol you need Jesus xD OMG
This was amusing... but the whole time I felt like I was violating their bodies! D:
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