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Credits to owner of this picture/challenge(: If anyone is interested try it, and also like this pic(: Unfortunately I don't know how to tag people on Vingle (kind of embarassing x.x) But either way, all Kpoppers are invited :D Link to my selfie card right thurr :p
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Alrighty!! I will post a selfie (x @ErinGregory @szewwy
2 years ago·Reply
wait how does this work? I need further details
2 years ago·Reply
@MinionPeach17 You have been tagged :D unless you already were hehe Well repost the picture/challenge above!! Once you recieve 33+ likes on that pic, you HAVE to post a selfie!! And people will decide which K- idols they ship you with!!(: DO IT!!! Feel free to ask any questions if you still want to!!^^
2 years ago·Reply
this is my first time getting tagged!!! yay... okay... I'll do it
2 years ago·Reply
Hehe no one tagged me, but this seems interesting :D
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