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SUMMARY: (Warning there are spoilers!)

After the exciting first season, Kaneki has finally accepted that Rize is a part of him and has transformed with beautiful white hair. In edition his strength has increased greatly and he is now known as "eyepatch" for having one of his eyes covered representing the human half and the other half that's not covered representing his ghoul side. After Kaneki tortures Jason the way Jason tortured him in the last episode of the 1st season, Kaneki tells Touka that he's leaving Anteiku and joining Aogiri. While he is joined up with Aogiri he goes on a power hungry path by cannibalizing other ghouls in order to get stronger, developing two split personalities manifesting themselves as Rize and Yamori. The continued cannibalization led him to become a half kakuja, where he develops a centipede shaped kagune and gains the alias "Centipede".  Episodes: 12


Incompetence by Osterriech It's a very colorful opening however it wasn't my favorite, I loved the 1st seasons openings much more and I was so happy when it played in the last episode. But the songs in this season were amazing!
HE'S BACK!!! Yes the creepy guy that we all thought wasn't that creepy anymore at the end of the 1st season but he still sniffs that handkerchief with Kaneki's blood on it!
So I thought this character would never change because Juuzou was so psychotic, crazy and seemed fearless. But near the end when he was the one left standing and someone risked there lives for him (I cried). He was always afraid to be left alone and he always thought it didn't matter if people died but when it was his partner, he tried to fight but couldn't. For the first time he looked scared and wanted to cry.
Sen Takatsuki is a best-selling horror novelist mentioned throughout the series and Kaneki's favorite author. She has a secret though. (spoiler) She is member of the Aogiri Tree known as Eto. Eto/One-Eyed Owl was born to Ukina and Yoshimura (Is the boss of Anteiku that took Kaneki in) as a hybrid human and ghoul being. Outside of Aogiri she killed a lot of people including Mado's wife and she is known as One-Eyed Owl. This was a huge shock that I found out at the end of episode 6.

Favorite/Saddest Scene:

I think we can all agree this scene hit us all in the feels. As Hide fell to the floor bleeding at Anteiku, (All I could think about was how were you able to make coffee when your so weak right now and your bleeding?) the tears started to flow from Kaneki and from me. Hide tells Kaneki he always knew that he was a Ghoul and slowly dies. I don't really know how the coffee shop set on fire but it did and Kaneki picks Hide up and carries him outside with a white sheet over top of him. He was walking past the investigators and people and they were wondering where Hide was. One of the people said I know who it is. Even though he's a ghoul they didn't say anything, because they knew who he was carrying because it was his best friend so they let him be and knew he wouldn't hurt Hide. Then the sheet flew off of Hide and the season 1 opening started to play and I started to cry harder. Even though Kaneki is a ghoul, he still has the heart of a human and you could tell he was in pain and wanted to cry! *Im so sad right now*!!! But I loved it and need more Tokyo Ghoul! What did you guys think about the 2nd season of Tokyo Ghoul, did you like it, and did you cry? Let me know! @solodaywithB1A4 @SunnyV @poojas @NerukaWong @sherrysahar
I loved it alright yes it was jaw dropping at the end and I was crying hope they make a 3rd season as well
@sherrysahar It was all sad!
hide was the sweetest best friend ever nd seeing him die was really sad for me too nd amon nd kaneki battle nd am on died too :'( I wanted him to survive thgh nd the cafe on fire nd all the memories yes it was sooo saddd :(
This is an AMAZING review! I recommend you start a special collection for reviews because many of us would follow it :) And I loved season 2 even more than season 1. So many feels and tears! T_T
@poojas Thanks for the recommendation and Yea I feel the same way there were so many more shocking things you find out in season 2 that helps you to understand more!