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Hey everyone, this my anime intro that is a bit late~ :) The name is Sunny. I've been watching anime since before I could remember honestly xD more often then not when I talk about anime my mom loves to remind me that she was the one that got me into it. Instead of sitting with my mom and watching kid's shows and what not, my childhood was honestly filled with Chinese kung-fu movies and different animes. I've always been surrounded by it, but hey no complaints. It wasn't until around middle school that I ventured out and begun to watch my own anime, because my best friend back then often would never shut up about animes she's seen that I haven't (and she still does xD). The first anime I watched on my own was Full Metal Alchemist, and the first manga I read was Naruto, and with anime it somehow eventually lead me into my kpop addiction before I was out of middle school xD
A quick list of some of my favorite anime characters in no order~ 1. Yuno Gasai 2. Lelouch Vi Britannia 3. Mikaela Hyakuya 4. Lucy 5. Alois Trancy I'm still trying to catch on current anime, so list is always open for change~
A few things I would like to see more of in the community are reviews, cosplay and recommendations. I love the reviews and recommendations! Always give me a good idea of whether I should watch an anime or not, obviously~ and I love seeing cosplayers because I've never been able to do it~ watch other people succeed in what I was unable to xD one more thing I would like to see, and I may be a bit weird for this one but maybe little language or cultural lessons, I've always been interested in anime and the culture of the Japanese so I would like the idea of combining the two :) Thanks a lot to @poojas for tagging me, I hope it was okay, and not too much~! :D
@poojas Thank you~ I hope I'll be able to continue watching marathons with you everyone~ :D
Welcome to the Vingle Anime family Sunny. So glad to have met you and hope to enjoy more marathons with you :D
@caitlind9898 thank you! :)
Welcome :)
Welcome to the community~ Hope we can all get along ^^
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