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that's cool I'd like to see lol I'd heard about the Chinese triangle once but I didn't know that was real or not
i can show you a picture right now and you will be like wtf but its old and real
yeah its real in fact you know the burmuda triangle there is actually 3 triangles one sits in between china and japan believe it or not and i forgot about the 3rd one but in between the triangles is a red laser that heats up the water which cause different sea creatures to rise to the top that shark type has been around for years of years but it just swam down to the bottom of the ocean because it was to cold for them to stay up top the point of that red laser is to measure how far down the ocean goes its not like we can go down there the pressure is too much but set aside from measuring the depth of the water its heating up the water . do research on the goblin shark find out when those were around and you tell me how real that was people are making a big thing about it because we weren't alive to witness it but truthfully whats in the ocean isnt new its old all in all if you pay attention to life history actually repeats itself
is that thing real?