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Winner of the giveaway!
HI EVERYONE!! Sorry for the late post, but I wanted to give everyone a chance til the last second aha. Well there you have it!! The winners are kpopandkimchi and CheyanneNicole! Congrats!! Sorry I was a bit nervous during the video. Please message me your email and your address information. Let me know what you would like (w/ magnet or keychain) and I'll get it out to you ASAP. Thanks for everyone that participated!!
I'm thinking of doing future giveaways. I'm not sure yet. This one turned out pretty well. BTW I also do commission and if you would like me to make something for you just contact me via vingle or email: amendasaeyang@gmail.com. Thank you again!! P.s. if there is no response, I will redraw after 4 days. Stay tuned!! ♡
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ugh I forgot to email you what exactly I wanted...but that little fox in the first picture of the giveaway post is the cutest and if you're willing to part with it, that's what I'd love to have <333333
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