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So I want to do a list of ideas for what i can do for like a Block B game/challenge sort of thing. Ex. Block b dating game (I've seen others do it with different idol groups and i might plan on doing one for Block B if anyone's interested) 2. Mystery Box number: 7 photos will be numbered each holding which members are which and than i will reveal which Block B member you got. (It's simple i know and sounds lame haha but it's all i could think of xD) you get the gist haha i can't think of any right now but if i do i hope you guys participate and have fun! Fighting!
@ErinGregory haha xD today's not your day lol
@BlackBVillains, noooooooooooo! Lmao damn. And I can't even choose 8 once you post it. Fml lmao
@ErinGregory What can already have been seen can not be unseen xD is all good~ we've all had our moments xD
@BlockBVillians, I demand you delete this card so no one sees my being dumb. Lmfao!
@ErinGregory lol i guess i should reword it xD what meant was whenever i get the chance to start the game there will be 7 photos numbered from 1-7 and from that you pick a number and than i will release what members were what numbers :)
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