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Gomez, 20, was spotted at a slew of Golden Globes parties where sources tell us she “looked like she was having a lot of fun.” On Sunday night, Gomez had a few famous main partners in crime: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland, and Josh Hutcherson. The foursome party hopped from the InStyle/Warner Bros. soiree to the Weinstein bash before landing at the end of the night at CAA’s private party at the Sunset Tower Hotel. “If she was upset about [her breakup] she didn’t show it,” an onlooker at the hotel tells omg!. “She was smiling, dancing with her girls and spent time talking with Josh.”
well... I dont think this is true... But maybe Selena is better off with Josh
i kinda dont want josh to be drag on this drama either