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Okay, so the rule was to post a selfie after 33+ likes. After this, people (the Vingle Kpop fam) determine which K- Idol we get shipped with!! So here is ma selfie XD aaaand i need help tagging people..again ._.
I have been staring at your picture for like 5 minutes and still don't know who to ship you with. Why am I so bad at this?!! I need time haha
You're really pretty too!! I am going to ship you with, stay with me, Rap Monster. I think yall would compliment each other well and yall you make an adorable couple!
@katiems Kyuhyun is lovely 馃槏馃槉 @exokpop12385 Rapmon is my bias in BTS 馃槺馃槚 @StephanieDuong I bet 馃槂 Ken, Hongbin (Vixx) & Ricky (Teen Top) are my faves! i saw them last year too!! 馃槃 @B2utyrisa OMO, Kai is tooo much 馃槗馃槚 I love his Divaness, he know he is the shizz 馃槤馃槏 And thanks!!!(: It was blue then!
@MinionPeach17 Chanyeol 馃槺馃槏 馃敟馃敟 That would be a blessing to any girl @StephanieDuong And you should go to Kcon馃槂 And thanks 馃槣 Btw, i hope i don't sound like i am taking this seriously 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Cus most of the time i am just thinking about them, not being shipped with them!! 馃槃馃槀
@yehet27 Now that I think about it, I agree with @TMinusEleven and ship you Hoya! and that means a lot because Hoya is bae 馃槏 You look so unique, especially the hair, and Hoya would love that about you. Also you're really pretty! 馃槅
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